With clear roots in blues and folk, British songwriter Matthew Austin releases his debut album ‘People like us’. Starting with the lead single ‘Dream’ and the wry, social commentary of follow up single ‘Work’.

Matthew Austin’s debut introduces him as a mature songwriter, with a unique mix of vintage American influence and Manchester, England perspective. Currently based in Munich, Germany.

‘People like us’ was recorded on three evenings in an old carpenter’s workshop in the middle of Munich. It consists of a collection of songs written by Austin over the previous few years. The result is a portrait of a young man who’s reflected, honest and authentic stories are all full with themes of hope.

Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in the lead single ‘Dream’. The song demonstrates Austin’s talent for fusing blue tones together with hopeful lyrics. The catchy blues riff harken’s back to 50’s Chicago legends such as Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters however at the centre of the song there is a message of stoicism as Austin paraphrase’s William Henley’s famous words arguing a Dream is the ‘Master of our Fate’ and ‘Captain of our Soul,’

‘The order of the songs was important to me’ says Austin, ‘it tells a story of a kid with an open heart learning how not to get bitter as he becomes a man.’

This is the main theme, on which the Album runs, song to song. How much hope is naive? How open should your heart stay if you keep getting burned?

In this sense, ‘Work’ offers an ideal view of the album. Perhaps the most uplifting sounding track on the Album. The song brings Austin’s unmistakeable voice as well as slide licks of vintage American heritage to the forefront. The song remains upbeat while detailing a lonely moment where one may be forced to quit a dream and how that often seems to be the easier option. The song defiantly plays out with an uplifting Hammond Organ solo.

‘Barely getting by,
Maybe its time I sold my dream of getting by.
People like us doing things like this.
People like us doing things like this.’

Track Listing

Side A
1. Stand
2. Burning Leaves
3. Dream
4. Work
5. Breathing
Side B
6. With You
7. Daylight
8. Nothing
9. Never ending thing
10. In the darkest hour

‘People like us’ is available now as pre release CD at all concerts.
LP & Download as well as from all streaming providers in Winter 2019